Katie now weighs 24# and looks just like Hank (which I just love).  As soon as I  can find where Billy put the pictures I’ve been taking of her (in the computer) I will send you them.  She is very smart

As I could tell taking her home.  She took to her name as if she already knew it.  She’s the perfect little angel (just like my other two that love to play with her).  Thanks so much for raising such wonderful dogs.  She is a joy like they should be.

Thanks for giving me a little “Hank” to look at.

Will get back to you with pictures ASAP.


Maddox is a wonderful dog and could not ask more of him.  He has already learned how to sit, shake, lay down, knows the word no, and now learning how to stay. He is very smart and loving. Thank You again for a wonderful dog . I will be in touch!

Hi Tina,
I hope your summer is going well. Roxy is growing so fast. She is such a sweetheart and wonderful dog. You should be proud!  Thanks for a beautiful and sweet puppy!

Thank you so much for "Natty"!  We have loved our new puppy since we picked her up.
She is so amazing and we were so lucky to get her.  Can't wait to send more pictures soon!

Cliff & Kim


Natty is doing great, she is getting huge!  We took her to the vet last Monday for her last shots and she weighed 24 pounds but I think she gets bigger every day.  Do you plan on having anymore puppies anytime soon?  We would love to get Natty a playmate.

Hey! Lincoln is doing great! He's enormous and super energetic. Such a sweetie and loves to hug, like he pushes his head into mine when I hug him. Its so cute. I think he's close to about 70 lbs now. Our vet is totally in love with him and goes on every time we take him about how beautiful he is.

Hope you're doing well and have a great holiday!


Kirsch is a joy......he is completely crate trained and will complete his Puppy Preschool tonight.  He is already signed up for basic obedience starting 1/11/10.  We are having a wonderful time taking him for walks in the woods and down the lane and playing with him in general, as well as incorporating training into that.  He is incredibly smart which keeps us hopping....nothing gets past him but he really wants to please and is successful doing that.

He hasn't lost his puppy fur yet but it looks like he will be "buff" in color - maybe a bit darker but not much.  His physic is sturdy and (in our opinion) he is gorgeous.  Most importantly, his temperament is wonderful!!!  Dr. Dobyns says he's gaining weight just right - not too fast.  And he's had all of his required shots but we are adding leptospirosis and lyme because of where we live and travel.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Best wishes.......Cheryl

Our puppy is wonderful -- sassy and spunky and playful!  Smart, too -- he'll already give you his paw and knows his name.  He loves the outdoors--chasing the falling leaves, running after sticks, following our other dog around.  He voluntarily goes into his crate to sleep and is great through the night.  Now if he'd just get solid on the housebreaking. . .

Thanks for breeding such a delightful puppy!

Hi Tina,

Biscuit is doing very well! He's having a nap right now (the vet really wore him out!) so I thought I'd take the chance to write you a quick email. Everyone at the vet really went wild for how adorable he is, and they put up his picture to enter into this month's 'Cutest Puppy' contest... fingers crossed!  

He got his booster and also a little more worm medication. He slept pretty well last night - he whined to go out at 2am and did want to play for a little bit after that, but other than that he was good. He's a total sweetheart and we're loving him!

Here are some of my favorite photos of Biscuit.

Hi Tina - 

Thanks for checking in.  Carly is doing great - here are a couple of pics.  She never really ate the Eukanuba food.....so we tried Purina One and she eats that so that's what we've been feeding her now. She's really pretty mellow most of the time which is good.  We are really enjoying her!

Thanks Again,

Hi Tina!
I thought you all might be interested to see how "Jack" is doing now that he is 3 years 5mos old!  I can not believe he is already 3!!!!!  He is so gorgeous and sweet and I am grateful for him everyday.
thank you so much
Carolyn Book
Hi Tina,
Niko is soooooo wonderful, he's a perfect sweetheart. I can't believe he's 11 months now. When we got him we did puppy classes at Petsmart. He is so smart, his instructor said he is one of the smartest dogs she has ever had in her class and she has been teaching for years. We haven't did anymore classes yet but I would like to next year, it helps me stay in the training mode. He does really well with everything but he does pull a bit when walking. The pics I'm sending are when he was 4 months, 6 months (after being neutered, he was so good), and today with his new Christmas toys, he just loves the snow.  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Take care and check in any time.
Morgan & Maggie
Hi Tina.
Pebs is doing fantastic.  My husband
started obedience classes with her and the instructor uses Pebs when she wants to show the class something.  She is a DOLL.

Had to share this with you.
This morning John was a little late getting Pebs to puppy class.  When they walked in, everyone pretty much started chanting her name.  Well that just tripped her trigger and John said she was showing off a bit.  She rocked that class today!   She is the teachers 'pet'.  No pun intended....
The teacher always takes her as an example for the class.  She gives lots of eye contact and doesn't seem to mind if John leaves her sight.  What a good girl!


Hi Tina.
I gave your name out to a couple of people for puppies...  :)
Pebs graduated at the top of her puppy class today!  The teacher wants us to get her tested so she can get her CGC.  She is almost seven months old which I thought was a bit young.  But the instructor said she does everything in class that they would be doing for a CGC test.  She said Pebs has the perfect temperament for this. 
She has already visited several nursing homes in the area and seems to get as much out of it as the old folks do.
She is a special little girl.
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Hi Tina!
Just wanted to update you on Pearl.  She is amazing!  We just love her!  Such a darling sweet personality, not hyper at all, very smart, knows her name already.
The other day one of the adult dogs had one of her toys on the couch.  Pearl can't get up there yet so she was laying on the floor watching them.  As I was talking to her about this situation, she kept looking at me and then looking at them, back and forth like she understood everything.  We have about a 5 minute snuggle time in my chair every night before she goes to bed.  Oh, and has mastered steps, both up and down now.
I will send pics when the mud clears up - shes getting huge - I think around 15lbs now.
Did I tell you how much we love your dogs????????????
Hi Tina,

We have had Jack for a year and I thought I 
would give you an update. He is truly amazing 
and has been so easy for me to train. He now 
knows his job so well that I don't have to ask
him to pick things up for me anymore. As soon
as he finds something on the floor he just brings it to me. I either accept if from him or tell him to "Tidy Up" and he places it in a basket for me to put away later. He has even brought me a paper clip that he found on the floor. As soon as I go into the laundry room Jack comes to help. Even if he is outside playing with the kids I just yell "Jack come pick up" and he comes running and is ready to help. Jack probably does 80% of the picking up for me know and it makes a huge difference for me.

We are still working towards the canine good citizen. He is not there yet but he definitely can do it.

Thanks so much!
Tina --

Hope all is well.  I visited your site the other day and see that you're going to have a busy August!

I attached a photo of Parker.  He is doing GREAT.   He weighed in yesterday at 40lbs (23 weeks old now).   I have to say that he is turning out to be the perfect dog for us.  He has his puppy moments but is very laid back for the most part.   He learns quick also -- he easily learns new commands within a few days.   We started leaving him out of his kennel alone during the day for up to 5 hours when he was only 18 weeks old.  Absolutely no accidents or destructive behavior.  He is quickly becoming a member of the family.

Take care,
Hi Tina,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve emailed, but just wanted to give you an update on how Tucker (Brody x Maggie 1/17/10) is doing.

I want you to know Tucker has a true golden personality. He is just the biggest love sponge. People just seem to be drawn to him. No matter where I take  him, people come up to ask to pet him. He is just the most handsome boy (I know I’m prejudice, but….) All the employees at our local PetSmart know him by name and sight. You should see him strut when he walks in that store, like he owns it! I don’t remember if I told you, but he did pass his CGC last year. I took him in for a CERF exam yesterday and the ophthalmologist said his eyes are perfect. I’m looking into doing TD training with him.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say he is just a wonderful boy. Thank you for letting me be his dad.

We are heading to the Outer Banks in a few weeks for vacation, I will try to send you an updated picture of him so you can see how handsome he is.  (Takes after Brody!)

All the best to you and your family.
Best regards,